Debit Order Services


This is an quick and cost effective way for your customers to pay you. It only has to be loaded once and the transactions will automatically deduct every month.


NAEDO Tracking allows instructions to track weather a client has money available in there account and allows the deduction to take place as soon as funds are available.


AVS and AVS Real-time feature allows customers to verify their beneficiaries details. Bilateral inter bank billing is completely and automatically handled on behalf of banks.

Additional Services

Electronic Mandate

Electronic mandate allows beneficiaries to fill in details and sign the mandate on their computer or mobile devices. The mandate is the sent to client and beneficiary for future use. The Mandate and instruction is then saved electronically as well. 


Our integration API allows companies with development capabilities to directly integration with our Online software to load and view instructions making it a seamless way of not working on multiple systems and keep track of client transactions.


Debit Orders will only have to be loaded once and multiple parameters can be set for when the Debit Order should stop. This also keeps track of any unpaid or dispute transactions that may follow. Extended reporting will have you up to date with every day development.